Berlin neighborhood map ~ Work in progress

Before I got caught up with some freelance work I was working in this piece.

I moved to Berlin with my boyfriend temporarily for 2 months, we are now in the equator of our stay and I can say that Berlin is pretty awesome. It took some time to get use to the cold and and the lack of clothes I had (flying with easyjet obligates you to make a narrow selection of the stuff you pack and wearing the same pair of boots for 60 days is rather painful. There is a saying here: there is no such thing as cold, there is only bad clothing.

 But I am falling in love with the city, people is super friendly, the bar scene is superb and food is good and cheap. Now the Berlinale just started and we are going to see a couple of movies, so that will be fun.

 I hope I can finish that illustration soon!

 Soon I will be showing some of the projects that on the queue: a manga comic, a children’s book in collaboration with Antonio Cartier and a children’s book of my own. I am getting pretty busy with freelance work also!