Shizue in the woods
Things that I like. Day #1
Here is a drawing of my girl Shizue, she is a BJD doll and character of mine. Shizue (Zoe for short) is a Halloween elf that helps to spread the spirit of Halloween all across the world. I have made some other drawings of her but I think this one really captures her gaze.
I am starting a new challenge today, 30 days of drawings of things I like or things I have made illustrations of before (that I like). So, I expect to do some illustrations of my characters and re-illustrate some of my pin-up-type illustrations, but who knows, I am not really planning anything. This will be another 30 days, because that seems to work pretty good. It is just for fun! Fun drawings to help me strengthen my style and my drawing speed. I hope to move into a more concept-oriented challenges after finishing with this one if I get the results I am looking forward to achive.
This is the process I used this time:
Pencil skech
Work on values on black and white in a multiply layer
Work on color with Overlay layers and multiply layers
Add detail on layers on normal mode.
I hope you liked it! Tomorrow more!

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Very, very nice Helena!

7 years ago

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